Every other week or so we get word of a new kids tablet and this time we’ve found one that actually has the word “kids” in its name. It’s priced below $100 and dubbed ClicN KIDS Tablet 2. It packs Intel hardware inside, as well as Google Play.


The product is now up for preorder in USA, with a $99.95 price tag and the slate comes from CNK Digital. The KIDS Tablet 2 has parental controls, a special Grown Ups mode, that makes the tablet a regular Android model, with all the functions one needs. This one is a 7 inch model with a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio and under the hood we’ve got an Intel Atom Z2520 1.2 GHz processor, as well as 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

There’s also a microSD card slot on board, 5 GB of Google Drive space and a 2 megapixel rear camera included, as well as a 3 MP front cam. ClickN KIKDS Tablet 2 offers an integrated microphone for chatting and interacting with learning apps, plus WiFi and a battery that provides 8 hours of functioning time. The device comes with over 30 games preinstalled.