Marvell had quite a display at CES 2010, since their booth showcased quite a bunch of Android-based products, like the Dell Mini 3i, Entourage Edge, the Marvell Multimedia Tablet and the Alex eReader. The multimedia tablet mentioned before isn’t meant for consumers, but for third parties, that’ll brand the device with their logo and sell it as their own.

However, this device has quite a few issues, that you’ll find out after the break and video demo below:

The biggest flaw is the fact that if you press the BACK button, you’ll trigger the SEARCH feature and if you press the SEARCH button, it’ll perform the BACK command. Marvell’s representative said that it’s supposed to operate this way and in other bad news, the touchscreen is not all that responsive, specially since it misinterprets your presses and enters different apps.

Keep in mind that this is a prototype and a few software updates will probably solve every bug, but you really don’t want to show everyone such faulty products @ CES, do you? Too bad that the Mavell Multimedia Tablet based on Android looks really well, design-wise.

[via phandroid]