Call of Duty Strike Team tries to do something that hasn’t been done on tablet and mobile: combine strategy and FPS. It was launched in early September and costs quite a bit, at $7, but this is Activision, so it was to be expected.


The maker of the game is The Blast Furnace and they supply us a with a single player campaign that takes us from the Arctic to Afghanistan. The action takes place in the Black Ops 2 universe and this FPS, judged in comparison with Modern Combat 4 lacks its power and charisma, because you don’t actually have a solid storyline and characters you care about.

You can switch between tactical mode, where the action is seen through the eyes of a drone from the top and regular first person mode at any time. There’s the option to level up, switch between characters and if you want an alternative, there’s a survival mode for extra achievements. You will control tanks, helicopters, machine guns and turrets, but sadly all of them are poorly controlled, especially vehicles.


The FPS action is fast paced and the AI is actually pretty good, for a tablet game that is. I tested the game on an iPad Mini and even on that platform the graphics looked nice, however still not on par with Modern Combat 4, that is an year older than this title. The good thing in the end is that you can finish the game without spending a dime on IAPs, but the really bad thing is that there’s no multiplayer.

We only get challenges on maps with online learderboards. Another thing that bothered me were the repetitive phrases of soldiers, so all of that being said, the grade 7 out of 10 for this title fits it. You can download the game from here.