One of the games I’ve recently tested on the iPad Mini is Blood Stroke, that was pretty hyped for a while. This is a title that has been made by famous action movie director John Woo and published by Chillingo. It’s priced at 3 dollars and it features artistic design based on watercolour graphics.

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The game reminds me of Walking Dead Assault, that had a similar styling, only different color choices. Blood Stroke is based a lot on beige, red and shades of grey and it has Mai Lee as the main character, a ninja figure that makes me think of Kill Bill for some reason. She must protect a doctor who is being hunted by the Triads.

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You can shoot enemies by pressing a virtual button on the side of the screen and move Mai Lee around with a virtual thumbstick. She’ll also slice through the foes with a sword or daggers when the weapon is not used. That happens automatically when you approach your victims. The action takes you to Beijing and Hong Kong among others, with tens of missions to unlock.

There are new weapons to unlock here, a shield upgrade for the running doctor and various swords and machine guns or shotguns to use. You can also increase the ammo capacity of the weapons with the cash you get from missions. This game is quite bloody, so it’s not exactly for kids. Sadly, it’s also kind of boring and repetitive, that’s why we give it a 7.5 out of 10.

You can download it here.