We’re a bit confused now, with RIM getting the BlackPad.com domain and now filing for a trademark for the name “SurfBook”, since one of these brands is definitely related to the upcoming BlackBerry tablet. Also, we applaud IntoMobile’s cool use of the picture we also published below… sure made us giggle a bit.

Apparently, the SurfBook is related to “smartphones, video phones and tablet computers”. As far as the device is concerned, we learn that QNX is making its software, that will support Flash. Also, the battery life will be pretty impressive and the slate will incorporate a display that’s between 7 and 8.9 inches in size, plus two cameras and a 1GHz CPU.

Cellular connectivity will be provided by BlackBerry phones, but the tablet will still have WiFi support on board. Pricing speculations came up with the $499 price tag and a November launch date was also mentioned. We wonder if SurfBook means that this device will be all about surfing the web…

[via IntoMobile]