We’ve heard about the supposed BlackBerry tablet, BlackPad a bunch of times till now and usually it was referred to as a device running BB OS 6. Well, now we learn, courtesy of Bloomberg, that the RIM slate might rely on a software platform created by QNX Software. This is a company that RIM acquired in April and in case you’re wondering, the sources for this info are pretty solid.

The same sources claim that the BlackPad will debut in November, complete with WiFi and BlackBerry companion features. Would you go with BB OS 6 (considering how it works on BlackBerry Torch, for example), or would you prefer to try the new QNX OS?

[via BGR]

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  • Sarah

    Well, it’s a bit unexpected decision, but if RIM decided on this new platform, then I guess they know what they do, and there are definitely some good reasons for this. So I think this new device is gonna amaze us;)
    Sarah, from blackberry application development

  • I think this would be very good for BlackBerry. QNX comes with some strong core OS developers and RIM needs to rejuvenate the BlackBerry OS in a major way. With QNX oS BlackBerry can change the expectations of what is capable on a handheld device.

  • Anonymous

    Blackberry is already the choice of major section of the society. When it enhances its features   or will integrate QNX OS, it surely will go long way ahead from its competitors.