BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is one of the big company officials we actually like to hear speaking, because he has a lot to say. However, he stirred the waters a bit with some recent comments during the BlackBerry Live conference. He claimed that the tablets should be easier to use.


Heins also believes that the tablet industry is somewhat stuck right now and that BlackBerry wants to create something easier to use. The idea is to make the tablet completely paired with a mobile phone and useless otherwise. Also, the BlackBerry phone should be the brain of the tablet, this is the official’s concept.

We’re puzzled by the statement because last month the same man was claiming that tablets would be dead in about 5 years. The PlayBook tablet caused mixed reactions and while initially it seemed a flop, once the price went down, everyone wanted one. It will be very interesting to see BlackBerry 10 OS evolving into an OS applied to a tablet, but we’re not exactly there yet.