I must admit I haven’t heard the name BKAV till today, but this Vietnamese firm seems ready to make a name for itself, through some new devices. They already Bphone and now they’re prepping a tablet.


It’s dubbed Bpad and it resembles the iPad, at least from profile. The device has big bezels, rounded top and bottom, seems to be made of metal and has a plastic window at the top back side. The side buttons remind us of the older generation iPads and the edges seem to be sloped, once again like on the older Apple slates. Since we have no details about the Bpad, we may as well speculate on them using the Bphone info.


The device comes in 16, 64 or 128 GB storage versions and the highest storage model also offers a 24 karat gold case. There’s a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU on board of the phone and we also expect a Qualcomm CPU on the slate. 4G LTE may be present as well and since Lollipop is present on the phone, I also expect it on the tablet.

The handset is priced at $458, rather steep if you ask me, but the tablet should be priced lower, if it wants to become a hit.