Since we’ve been playing with the iPhone 6 Plus for a bit, we also played some games on the device, including the famous Bioshock. Released last month on iOS, the 2007 title has been ported to this platform and released as a pricey $15 price tag. Now it’s down to $11, that seems a bit more decent. We’ve played the game quite a bit and below you can check out its review.

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We’re dealing with a first person shooter with virtual button control and the same amazing storyline of the original title. You play as Jack, who suffers a plane crash in the 1960s and reaches an underwater utopia called Rapture. There the things go wrong and people are turned into monsters because of plasmids, that give them superhuman powers. You’ll fight your way through the monster infested Rapture, by using a wrench, shotgun (buy 223 ammo for its best performance), pistol, bazooka and those special powers.

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You can burn people, electrocute them or throw stuff at them using telekinesis. You’ll also be able to hack turrets, vending machines and guardian robots, that fly around and shoot at you. Since this is a FPS you use a virtual stick on the left side of the screen to move around and the right area of the screen to change perspective. There’s a common weapon switch button for both weapons and powers and I strongly recommend playing this game on a larger screen, on a tablet rather than a phone.

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Even the iPhone 6 Plus felt small for the cramped controls. Certain small shortcuts, like the medipacks near the health bar or the special ammo at the top right are hard to reach. What’s best about this game is its atmosphere, that remains creepy and unsettling. There’s the random violin music, creepy conversations recorded on special machines and played back to you and the constant advice from Atlas, your guide through Rapture.

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The graphics are a big letdown here, since they’re pixelated in some parts, including the disappointing intro, where the water was a landmark of the gaming world. The AI is also too good and resources are very limited. Controls are rather uncomfortable to use and there’s a bug that makes the audio go mute from time to time. Bioshock is great as an experience, not so great as a game. The story and atmosphere are perfect and so are the acoustics, but the graphics and gameplay have a lot of catching up to do.

2K China rushed the game a bit and it feels unfinished in some aspects. We give it a 7 out of 10 and you can download it here.