Barnes & Noble has just taken the Nook Tablet price down a notch, by launching an 8GB version of its slate. This is a clear attempt to compete with Amazon Kindle Fire, that has a price tag of $200. Till now the Nook Tablet was available with a $250 price tag, $50 higher than the Kindle Fire, but the two rivals are on par right now.

The new, cheaper Nook Tablet is less powerful, having 512MB of RAM instead of the 1GB of the original model. Also, storage is taken down to 8GB from 16. The rest of the specs is exactly the same and the same with the Amazon Kindle Fire for that matter. Amazon still has the edge software-wise, since it offers a solid content-driven experience. The Nook Tablet fares better in design, since it adopts a pretty unique format for a slate, one that’s rather fit for an e-reader.

The Nook Tablet also supports microSD cards, which is an advantage over the Kindle Fire. If you want something cheaper, you can go with the Nook Color, that has dropped to $169 from $199. The design is the same as the one of the Nook Tablet, with much lower specs.