B&N gets some good news today, as the Nook passed the Kindle Fire in tablet traffic share. You can see the graph below for more info and I must also mention that the Apple iPad took a small dip in traffic as well. Chitika Insights is behind this study, taking a sample made of hundreds of millions of impressions from the Chitika Ad network.

They analyzed the market from June 4 to June 10 2012 and then a user agent analysis was done on this sample of data to find out the distribution of impressions across tablets. The data was computed using the average number of devices per 100 iPads. As you can see the Samsung Galaxy Tablet rules the pack, followed by the Acer Iconia, Toshiba Thrive and ASUS Transformer Pad. Then come B&N Nook, Motorola Xoom and Kindle Fire. 91.07% of tablet web traffic comes from the iPad, so they have no rival right now.

In spite of the great figures, Apple has actually lost 3.5% from the 94.64% in early May. Samsung Galaxy is the one with 1.77% and 1.94 devices per 100 iPads. Nook accounts for 0.85% of all tablet web traffic, while Kindle Fire stays at 0.71%. As Windows 8 tablets will launch and more quad core Tegra 3 slates will hit stores, we expect the iPad to drop further.

  • Question – does methodology address brand as a whole or just single tablet models? For example, does that Samsung figure take into account all Galaxy Tab versions in the market, and all screen sizes on the Galaxy Tab?  I am curious.

  • Stephen Collins

    I suspect a large number of Kindle Fire users never stray from the Amazon eco-system . Their tablets are used primarily as a reader or media consumption device for content from Amazon and thus would never show up in this kind of study.