In what’s probably the most adorable scoop of the day, today we have a pair of monkeys sharing some strong father and son moments. Apparently the father monkey is teaching baby monkey how to use a tablet.


Of course, we have no idea what’s going on in their brains, but they seem really focused on it. We’ve seen monkeys playing with tablet before, but they were different species than this one. The dad monkey seems to be swiping quite capably on the display and I guess he just like the moving shapes on the screen and bright lights. I have trouble spotting exactly what tablet this is, but it feels like the Sony Xperia Tablet P somehow, minus the extra folding bit.

It could just be a massive phablet and it would certainly help if we knew the country of the video. Since our brains and the ones of primates are pretty similar, getting those little fellows hooked on information flow and swiping is a… no brainer.  There’s such a thing as apps for cats nowadays on tablets, so why not have some for primates?