There’s a fresh ZenBook in town, the Flip UX370UA model, that just got pictured below and also specced. This brand new convertible unit has leaked and it seems it has a pretty potent speaker system.

It’s supposed to be a sort of flagship product, which may reach Europe and USA soon, after a potential Computex unveiling. The device reached the FCC, for a battery of tests, so that’s how the leaks happened. We’ve got a convertible 360 degree rotating model here, able to transform in notebook, tablet and stand format. This is a more elegant device than its predecessor and it comes with 4 high end speakers.

While some may think this is an Intel Core Kaby Lake-Y machine, it’s in fact a Intel Core i7-7500U unit, as confirmed by the Italian source with all the details. There’s a small vent hinting at this approach, so it’s not a fanless design. We also get two USB type C ports here, with the Thunderbolt 3 flavour and we’ll get a 13.3 inch screen upfront, with active ASUS Pen support.

A preview during the Milan Design Week has been promised.