Certification website Quietek just revealed an interesting piece of info: there’s a mysterious ASUS tablet that nobody has discussed yet. Meet the TF300T, a 10.1 inch model that looks like a hybrid between the TF101 and the TF201. It could be a new Transformer that we could see at MWC 2012 this month, or a mere upgrade of the original version.

The finish used for the back of the device reminds me a lot of the one used for the original Eee Pad Transformer… so what’s the deal here? We don’t have enough info on the TF300T, that doesn’t seem to be superior to the TF700T from CES 2012, with its Tegra 3 CPU and HD display. Maybe this is a budget version of the Transformer, one that seems to lack a LED flash in the camera section. Or could it be the rumored TF201 3G, that ASUS has dismissed and cancelled, as far as I know?

Well, at least with this plastic back the signal reception issues will be gone, right? If anyone at ASUS is reading this blog, feel free to identify your product, please. To me it looks like the first Eee Pad Transformer… what does it look like to you?