A mysterious new PadFone model dropped on us, while we were waiting for the ASUS PadFone Mini to arrive. The newcomer is dubbed ASUS PadFone E T008 and it was spotted at Bluetooth SIG. This sounds like a midrange unit, judging by the details listed below…


The PadFone E seems to fit right between the PadFone Mini (that should debut soon) and PadFone Infinity. The latter is a flagship and anything lower specced than that, even slightly becomes a midranger. It appears that the PadFone E will feature a 4.7 inch smartphone and a 10.1 inch tablet dock. There’s also a mention of dual SIM support, something you can’t find on the PadFone Infinity or Mini.

The ASUS PadFone E T008 is said to be coming to the European and Asian markets soon, so we may be witnessing a launch for more than one ASUS newcomer at the Taipei event that’s coming soon. In the meantime I suggest you take everything with a grain of salt.