If you had questions about the ASUS PadFone design or features, or real life behavior and had no one to ask, now you can use the detailed video below to get the answers. Courtesy of the guys of netbooknews, you can watch a detailed walkthrough of the PadFone + Docking tablet and keyboard.

Apparently, there’s a spring mechanism in that lid that shuts over the smartphone and overall it looks like a pretty fragile mechanism. Actually they’re playing with that spring a bit too much for my liking.. The smartphone looks stellar, it’s easy to slide in and in case you’re wondering, that 8 megapixel camera is shared with the tablet through a transparent space/lens that allows the camera to shoot through. Overall the tablet + keyboard is a bit thicker than the Transformer Prime for example.

The girl doing the hands on seems to have some trouble with the attachment of the tablet to the keyboard and hopefully that won’t happen to every unit out there. We can also see some productivity apps demoed on the PadFone handset, or at least a note taking one that reminds me of the Galaxy Note’s S Note software. Inserting the smartphone into the tablet immediately switches to the big screen, with almost no lag at all. We also get a good look at the headset/stylus, that’s very, very fancy and has a metallic case. More details in the video below: