ASUS Eee Note EA800 is a note-taking tablet that goes with a monochrome LCD instead of the E Ink option, a pretty strange choice, if you ask me. This is definitely a niche product, one that was recently unboxed and analyzed by NetbookNews. They’re checking out the re-flashed version with English firmware, instead of the Chinese one.

The folks handling the slate are enthusiastic about it, specially due to the Marvell CPU behind the 8 inch screen. Note taking remains the main purposes of this gadget, so its graphical power is not something we’d expect to be stunned with. ASUS has already published the user manual for this slate over here, if you’re curious.

EA800 will be coming in the US in Q1 2011 and you can find it in Taiwan now, where it costs $228 (2GB storage, WiFi, 2MP camera).