ASUS may have kept away from the tablet fuss till now, but it seems they’re coming in full force and launching no less than 6 slates in 2011. The info comes from company president, Jerry Shen, who claims that starting from December 2010 we’ll see ASUS launching models in 7, 9, 10 and 12 inch form factors.

The 12 inch slate will be based on Windows and an Intel chipset and it’ll hit the shops in January. Shen also claims that Microsoft was involved in the experience, enhancing the touch control and UI technologies on these new devices. Moving on, in March 2011, the company will launch a couple of 7 inch slates, one featuring WiFi and the other 3.5G connectivity.

A pair of 9 inch units follows, one based on Tegra 2 and Android and the other a Wintel model. The price difference between the two will be $100. The 10 inch model wasn’t yet detailed, but we expect it to rock, since it would be considered an iPad rival. More info on this avalanche of ASUS slates at CES 2011!