Our sister site Androidpipe.com got our ASUS PadFone unit to play with and used it to test the Asphalt 7: Heat racing game from Gameloft. It goes for 99 cents on Google Play Store and it’s a great racing title, both on the PadFone and PadStation, as shown in the video review below.

The title requires Android 2.2 at least to work and takes up a hefty 1.4GB to install. For that you get to play with Lamborghini cars, Aston Martin, BMW and even the Delorean from Back to the Future movie. The speed sensation is great and you can opt to control the game via touch or tilt, but the gyro use is my preferred way of steering. This is an arcade title, so don’t expect a realistic experience, but rather speedy chases down great looking towns like Paris, Miami, the capital of Iceland and many more.

15 tracks set in real cities are available, plus 60 cars and the ability to race against 5 players in multiplayer mode, either online or via LAN. 15 leagues and 150 different races are available, divided into game modes like Normal Race, Beat Em Up (just like Burnout), Elimination and Time Trial. Androidpipe.com gives this game a 9 out of 10 as a grade, so it’s a very solid title. The ASUS PadFone handles it quite well. You can download the game from here.

  • Mario Irelan

    padphone is still the stupidest invention, tablets themsleves are over sized over priced smartphones

  • Tyrone Curwen

    padfone stupid??? if tablets are over priced and oversized then how is the padfone a stupid invention, if you want the padfone by itself then pay $600 for it you want it to be a tablet as well as a phone pay $800 for it, want it to have a keyboard pay $950 for it. let me know if you find a new top of the line phone with the ability starting from $600

  • Tyrone Curwen

    after my rant about how much awesomeness the padfone is, Asphalt 7 says its incompatable with my padfone. how is it that you installed it on yours.

    P.S. The Padfone is the best technological device I have ever owned and bought. bar none.

  • Alex

    Installed Asphalt 7 on another device, uploaded the APK to Dropbox, download it on Padfone and installed it. Easy 🙂

  • Tyrone Curwen

    I don’t have any other devices capable of running Ashphalt 7 🙁