Archos just made its product range more diverse, thanks to a new slate oriented to the kids segment. Meet the Archos Child Pad, a tablet for children, with Android 4.0 ICS on board and a price tag of a mere $129. The device uses an unknown 1GHz processor and a 7 inch display. It adopts the look shown in the pic below.

This device packs 1GB of RAM and Archos locked the unit down to make it child friendly. There’s an AppsLib-powered Kids App Store on board, allowing kids to get child-suitable titles split into 14 categories. The content is quite ample, including 10k apps, that are mostly games, multimedia, comics, ebooks and other stuff like that. The UI has also been customized, so you won’t get ICS here. Instead there’s a colourful set of icons, homescreen folders for games and other apps, to make them easily accessible.

Archos preloads the device with 28 apps, Angry Birds included. The browsing is done in accordance with CIPA and COPPA regulations and with the parental mode on. The device debuts in the USA for $129 and will reach the UK with a 99 quid price tag.