Archos has got a new line of products, known as Generation 8, that includes a bunch of devices we’ll see on the market in the next month or so. The list includes at least 5 tablets, with Android 2.2 on board, ARM Cortex A8 CPUs and OpenGL 3D acceleration. The screen sizes range from 2.8 inches to 10 inches and prices go from $100 to $350, of course unlocked and without contracts.

Among the new slates, Archos 32 (8GB) stands out, due to a very low price ($149) and the fact that it can easily rival the iPod touch. The device packs a 3.2 inch 400 x 240 pixel touch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, composite video out, support for most video codecs and audio codecs.

Let’s just hope that Android Market will work on Android Archos tablets, since Google has to give its permission to have the Marketplace installed on such gadgets.

[via armdevices]