This week Apple will finally start shipping its brand new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and it already started promoting it with a series of ads. It’s a pricey accessory, but it definitely expands the functionality of your slate. You can watch the ad below.

I’ll remind you that Apple debuted the new iPad Pro generation last month, with the new Magic Keyboard accessory. The product is selling in over 30 countries and regions, with layouts for over 30 languages, including simplified Chinese, German, French, Japanese or Spanish. The price is $299 for the 11 inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard and $349 for the 12.9 inch one. The video is quite long, definitely cut shorter if it ever reaches TV and shows us the new iPad camera and also a cute hummingbird, which plays with the keyboard at a variety of angles.

The accessory magnetically attaches to the slate and offers up to 130 degrees of adjustment. It also adds a trackpad as a novelty and a scissor switch mechanism keyboard with 1 mm of travel. For those of you out there wondering about the song in the ad, it’s Dream Girl” by Anna of the North. We also catch a glimpse at the LiDAR enabled back camera, which we kind of dissed here. We should also probably mention that the bigger iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard will end up weighing more than a MacBook Air.

Aside from input, it also provides protection for the device’s body and screen. By the way, its keys are backlit and we also have USB-C pass through charging, keeping the iPad Pro USB-C port free. The trackpad is of the click anywhere variety and in spite of all excitement about the new product, some of the reviews out there aren’t exactly positive.