A recent article on CNN states why the upcoming Apple Tablet will be a game changer, killing most of the devices that have limited features on the modern market. Aside from being very cool, the fresh gadget from Cupertino could make a big splash by being priced the right way ($600 lowest price tag, but it can also go to $800 or $1000).


If we follow the latest rumours, this tablet will be able to do basically anything a portable console, e-reader, music and video player can do. Thousands of third party apps will make the gadget even more appealing and we wonder if it’ll be running Mac OS X or not. Specialists say that the tablet might sport a 10 inch to 12 inch screen and pack a high end graphics card that will provide a great multimedia and gaming experience.

Experts also expect Apple’s brainchild to be well connected via WiFi or 3G, maybe through an AT&T contract. A cool webcam should also make the cut and if we’re to take into account all the speculations, this device might as well replace your iPod, Kindle, PSP, Nintendo DS, portable video player and laptop. A full list of arguments can be found here.

[via CNN]