Columnist Walt Mossberg claims that the recent rumours claiming that Apple’s tablet could in fact be an e-reader or a digital newspaper were unfounded, since the device could focus on more than one feature. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal and he recently answered ones of his readers, asking about the competition between Amazon Kindle and the future Apple device.


The columnist claims that Apple isn’t making a dedicated e-book reader and that there’s no evidence to support the fact that Cupertino is building a 10 inch touchscreen device meant to be used as an e-book reader. A pretty good reason for dismissing the e-reader theory was the fact that there’s already an iPhone app that allows users to read Kindle e-books and we’ll probably see an app for Barnes & Noble e-books as well.

Imagine an Apple Tablet with the same apps… it’ll surely rival the above mentioned products and add a bit more features, so why focus on a reader?

[via appleinsider]