The tablet market figures are in for Q3 2019 and it seems that Apple is once again market leader. Nobody is surprised by that since Apple has pretty much lead the tablet market ever since the first iPad. However, the next places in top 5 are more interesting.

These figures comes from Strategy Analytics and include both sales figures and market shares. Apple had in Q3 2019 a 26.5% market share, with 10.1 million units moved. That’s a 4% jump from the year 2018. Amazon is second placed, with 13.9% market share and 5.3 million units moved. Next up is Samsung, with a 13.2% share and 5 million units. Fourth placed Huawei has 8.1% share and 3.1 million units.

Finally, Lenovo ends top 5 with a 6.6% share and 2.5 million units moved. The biggest jump in top 5 comes from Amazon, that grew 141% from 2018. It’s very clear that the tablet segment is back to growth, if you just look at the way Samsung is doing. For a while there they had just one or two tablets per year. Now they have two high end units in 2019, the Tab S5e and Tab S6, plus a few midrangers.

Huawei has also been pumping up MediaPads with solid specs and low prices. Amazon also keeps churning affordable models, while also making previous gen ones cheaper with waves and waves of special offers. The cheap iPads have a strong foothold in the education market and all of this domination happens even sans a new 2019 iPad Pro… I expect Samsung to catch up to Amazon in the near future, but they may need more affordable slates.