We already played with Photoshop on the iPads for years now, even scoring a bit of evolution points thanks to the Apple Pencil, but Adobe wants to take things further. Now they’re talking about bringing full Photoshop to the iPads from 2019.

iOS 11 was all about making the iPad a sort of fully fledged PC, but some core apps just weren’t there yet. Full version Photoshop was among them, but even that one is ready to make the transition. A fresh report from Bloomberg says that Apple and Adobe will announce a full Photoshop for the iPad in October and launch it in 2019. Scott Belsky, chief product officer for Creative Cloud confirmed the arrival, but not the timeline.

Adobe offered until now solutions like the simple Photoshop Express, but it didn’t reach the same level of quality as a PC or Mac app, to be frank. That allowed rivals like Affinity Photo to make a dent in Adobe’s market share. People are using the iPad more and more for a variety of tasks, so why not make fully fledged photo editing one of them?

A big strategy shift happened back in October 2017, when Adobe introduced Lightroom CC and last month they did the same for video with Project Rush. We mentioned Rush, because that’s supposed to be the inspiration for the stripped down Photoshop ready for introduction next year. It’ll work and sync across devices, have the Sense AI tech and offer more options than ever.