New info about the future iPads has appeared today, indicating the time frame of the devices’ release. We learn that Apple is planning to launch new iPads towards the year end, according to analyst Mark Gurman.

The info pops up in a report that focuses on the Apple chip making segment. It also mentions that Apple is going to introduce the updated laptops and a new desktop computer in 2018. The new iPad is said to be running on a special Apple-designed graphics engine and it’s very likely to have a dedicated AI chip. Last I heard the device was expected to arrive this Spring, with a Face ID/TrueDepth thingie.

That info came from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who talked rather of 3D face recognition, more than a launch date. So, I guess it could come in the fall with the new iPhones. The new iPad is also said to have slimmer bezels and maybe even an OLED panel. iOS 11.3 beta referred to a certain “modern iPad”, which is supposed to confirm the iPhone X. The TrueDepth mechanism also lets you activate the Animoji features.

By the way I learned some interesting facts from the Bloomberg article about Apple’s CPUs, like the fact they have chip testing facilities in Cupertino, Israel and they employ hundreds of people for the task. Apple has been hiring ex Qualcomm people, hinting at the fact they may be making their own connectivity modems. Apple is also considering using MediaTek or Intel chips, as they battle Qualcomm in courts.

There are also the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and iMac Pro, with Apple custom processors, just so you know. Now we know that they’re making at least 3 updated Mac models with custom coprocessors for release this year, laptops included.

This also sounds interesting for the new iPad, which may well include an evolved Apple A11X Bionic CPU. With Apple doing battle with Qualcomm, there may come a time when they become a leader in the chip market, if they’re able to compete with Samsung first.