The list of cool Apple patents continues, today with a dual display MacBook. The idea feels like a Lenovo Yoga Book, only fancier and cooler. Why? Because Apple also added polarized panels here, that can be used even if a person has polarized glasses and the sun hits both screens.

Actually Apple patented dual display notebooks back in 2010 or 2011 and back then the panels could be reconfigured to be used as a keyboard, gamepad and drawing pad. Now the dual display notebook sketched out here gets polarized layers and other optical ones used to let the viewer see images on the screen while wearing polarized glasses.

They’re also used to suppress light reflections from the sun, the second display or other sources. The documents mention the first screen as an LCD, with inner and outer linear polarizers. The second screen is an OLED one, with pixels that contain thin film transistors and organic light emitting diodes. This one needs circular polarizers that cover the pixels, so it can suppress ambient light reflections.

Of course, it’s all patent and guess work, but so was the OLED Touch bar from the MacBook not very long ago.