Apple is on a patent spree, since they’ve patented quite a few innovations recently, including a technology for making curved touch displays and surfaces The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded Apple today with a patent for manufacturing curved touch surfaces.


This means that the company may be experimenting with and preparing finalized products that involve curved screens. We’re talking watches here, smartphones and probably tablets too. The US Patent number 8,603,574 describes a “Curved touch sensor”, with a production technology that generates accurate curved touch surfaces without deficiencies caused by substrate warping.

Thin films will be used over a flexible substrate, without being able to be damaged by bending also keeping the design thin. Curved displays are a big deal right now, with the LG G Flex out there and a second model promised to bend even more. Samsung will retaliate with their own gear at CES 2014 next month and Apple will probably blow our minds in about a year or more.