Apple has gaming-related plans for its devices and it’s not only the iPhone and iPod Touch we’re talking about, but also the seemingly mythical tablet we’re waiting for. A recent job listing on the company’s site claims that the Cupertino giant is looking for a full time “Game/Media Software Engineer”, that knows his way around “C / C++ / Objective-C / iPhone” and has a passion for gaming.


While this may only prove to be a job related to gaming titles on the iPod, it could also mean that Apple is looking for a skilled software engineer to develop the needed gaming platform for the Apple Tablet. The Apple Blog mentions a rumour, saying that the new employee will be developing an in-house demo of the gaming feature on the tablet.

We could also see some porting work, done to take the most famous titles from the iPod Touch, iPhone and emulate them to the new platform. We also expect some love for other emulators, like NES, Gameboy or even PSP to be seen on said tablet, but we’re just dreaming, right?

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