The following video shows something you’ve always dreamt about: the duel between a Windows 7 tablet and the famous Apple iPad. The first device is a Hanvon slate, that was first shown at IDF 2009, so the tablet had plenty of time to develop by now. As you can see, the Hanvon unit handles tasks pretty well and does just as good as the iPad when playing YouTube videos, browsing the web or accessing the email inbox.

The main difference between the two experiences is the fact that the Win 7 UI was clearly designed for mouse interaction, while the iPad is all about touch. That doesn’t mean that the Hanvon slate doesn’t pack a beautiful and user-friendly touch keyboard, but sadly the device has some issues with small selections.

True multitasking is one of the advantages of the Windows 7 slate and we must mention that the unit is able to run full-featured apps as well. More ports and a camera are other extras that the iPad lacks and the Hanvon tablet has to offer. At this moment, the iPad experience is more fluid, in the spite of the Apple device’s lacks, so we guess the Cupertino giant’s rivals have to come up with a brand new UI in order to make the iPad seem less appealing to the average Joe.

[via gottabemobile]