The iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are yet again stars of a hands on video with their shells and video can be seen below. The source is Detroit Borg, who creates the first professional video detailing the new iPads.

ipad 5 versus ipad 4

We’ve seen a comparison of the iPad 5 with the iPad 4 and a comparison of the iPad Mini 1 with the Mini 2 here, but this time it’s a more hands on approach. We get some close ups, overlapping of the iPad 5 front panel on top of the iPad 4 with iOS 7 on it. The back side is not sloped at all and now the Apple logo is silver instead of black.

There’s n o mention of the name iPad on the back of the iPad 5 and the speaker holes are much smaller. Even the Lightning port feels a tad smaller and thickness and width have decreased a lot compared to the iPad 4. You can even spot how thin the front glass panel is now, if you look closely. Also, the volume buttons are now pill shaped instead of a single button with two edges and the camera gets a more pronounced ring around the lens.