Apple received recently 10 new design patents related to MacBook Pro models, in both the 13 inch and 15 inch variety. The drawings and documents cover the sketches and designs, plus some color drawings of the machine, but they also focus on specific features like the new Touch Bar. These received in China.

71 patent figures are covered by the latest documents. They show the open view of the devices, plus we see them from above, the sides and closed. Keyboard designs are highlighted, the trackpad too and various design angles and lines. The speakers are covered by the documents as well. It’s nice to see Apple reinforcing its patent set, especially since I always keep repeating that the ASUS and Samsung laptops look too much like the MacBooks.

Apple has been pretty well behaved with lawsuits lately, so we can’t see them acting on these patents anytime soon. Also, I’m sure ASUS is well covered by patents since I’ve never seen them in a patent beef. And I feel the need to talk about the press, bloggers and journalists, who never seem to notice that the most basic ASUS midrange metal laptops and ultrabooks have been copying MacBooks for a long while now.

But it may just be me, so carry on like nothing happened.