Well here’s an interesting piece of innovation: Apple just reinvented packaging for tech products, by getting a patent for smart packaging that’s able to set up a new device will still packaged. The patent was awarded by the USPTO on March 26th and covers this interesting approach.


Basically, the smart packaging can assist the user in performing personalization of a new electronic device, while still in its package at the Apple Store. The invention speeds up the personalized service, that also involves an Apple store employee often. Usually one would have to wait to get home and do the setup, or maybe resort to the help of an Apple employee and open up the device in store.


Documents mention information exchange between a packaged device and a user device. This allows the product to be configured via the communication and personalized in this way. Apple included a “Tap Here” label as shown in the images, indicating the user to tap his device to the label. The tap will trigger information exchange and setup the new product.

User accounts, files, configuration settings, UI settings and more can be obtained this way. Great idea, I have to say!

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