Apple is on a bit of a patent roll these days, getting dozens of patents for important technologies and products and today we’ve uncovered a pretty big one. It has to do with a hybrid notebook, that has a detachable display, in the vein of the Microsoft Surface Book.


This makes it seem that Apple is preparing a rival for the Surface Book, that has been very well received when it was announced. The Apple patent mentions a retractable magnetic mechanism and a base, plus a display that’s selectively removable from the base. Said dock includes the CPU, base wireless chip and the power source. The display includes a screen for video output, as well as a display wireless chip, that communicates with the base wireless chip.


Then there’s the power wireless chip, that communicates with the power source. As usual, this is actually an older Apple patent, filed all the way back in Q3 2011 and published only this week by the USPTO. Many expected the iPad Pro to morph into a 2 in 1 device, but Apple may bring that option to the future MacBooks first. Another patent to keep an eye on is the one for “Ultra low travel keyboard”, basically a Magic Keyboard with 3D Touch, that has a reduced depth of key.

Force sensors will sense the small changes in distance of press and allow for thinner keyboard and lesser travel. I imagine their noise will also be reduced.