HP TouchPad may not be in the news as often as it used to be when everyone learned that it has reached a price tag of $100, but at least there are some guys out there working tirelessly to bring Android to it. Lots of progress has happened and finally we can say that the touchscreeen works, that being the biggest problem faced by the TouchPad till now.

Up until now, the tablet ran Android 2.3.5 and the efforts have been attributed to Team TouchDroid, whose multitouch drivers work perfectly. The TouchPad now detects up to 10 input points at the same time, which is too much for most apps, but still good to see. There’s proof in the video below, if you want it and an Android TouchPad is as close to reality as it gets.

It’s nice to see that HP didn’t make any statement on this, neither pro or con as far as Android porting goes. Working WiFi and audio are not certain yet for this build, but the guys are still working on it, so worry not. The final result will be a dual boot TouchPad, most likely with webOS and Honeycomb.