You’ve probably heard about the unusual format of the LG G Flex, a curved device with a large diagonal and a modest resolution for nowadays’ standards. We reviewed the device here and found it to be pretty satisfying in some areas and disappointing in others. Today’s news is that the device got the Android 4.4 KitKat update today.


I’m talking here about the Sprint version of the device, that got updated this way. The G Flex stands out through its self healing back and curvable body and its price tag is $299 on AT&T and $249 on Sprint. So, if you’re on Sprint and you own the device, you probably have KitKat waiting for you. It brings enhancements to the battery through a battery saving location mode and Google Cloud Printer.

There’s also the famous Knock Code on board and some UI changes, such as the transparent search bar. Overall performance will increase and web browsing is quicker, not to mention the immersive mode that gives you more screen estate.