This week Huawei’s MediaPad brought us a new concept: Android 3.2 Honeycomb. Basically, this is a Honeycomb version for 7 inch tablets and nothing else is new, as far as we know. Well, we can’t help but wonder if this is the flavor that HTC Flyer has been waiting and postponing a Honeycomb update for…

HTC already promised an Android 3.x update for its slate in Q2 2011 and we’re still waiting on that promise. The Huawei MediaPad tablet is basically the model where it all started. We’re expecting a wave of 7 inch devices to get the same Honeycomb 3.2 software, either as update or as default launch OS.

We’re aiming at the Dell Streak 7 here and thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab if possible… Here’s to wishful thinking and major updates! Will Flyer get Android 3.2 before July?

  • Deio977

    Will HTC Flyer drop its price significantly? Who cares what version of Android has it? I can buy an Ipad or Galaxy Tab 10 and save some money for a bear for Flyer’s price…..