7 inch tablets are starting to look like solid options for the future, according to analysts, who foresee a future where 10 inch devices will get lower prices and become mainstream. The 7 inchers will follow, with Amazon Kindle Fire leading the offensive.

The price decline will be caused by the inability to compete with the iPad and the e-reader companies that enter the tablet market. Digitimes analyst James Wang predicts a future where e-readers will grow heavily in 2012, also lowering tablet prices. Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo and other brands will slowly, but surely steal market share from big tablets makers, that will maybe start abandoning projects and focus on cheaper devices.

Barnes & Noble and Kobo have already shown that they can undercut Amazon prices, so the duel to reach below the $150 price range will continue as it did for the $200 mark. DigiTimes speculates that 10 inchers will reach $300 in 2012, while nowadays they’re in the $400 or the $500 range. Imagine a quad core super tablet with Android 4.0 at the end of 2012 being priced at $300. Bargain? You bet! Just look at the HTC Flyer, that debuted at $500 and now retails at around $200 or $300.