Amazon is now the third placed global tablet maker, after a very successful Q4 2015, when their $50 Fire tablet greatly helped the company perform. In Q4 Amazon moved 5 million tablets, standing for 11.5% of the total market.


That’s a huge increase from the last quarter of 2014, when they reached 1.5 million, which meant 2.9% of the market. The info comes from ABI Research and it shows that Amazon’s tablet shipments grew 233% in Q4 compared to the year before. Amazon doesn’t in fact bank on its tablets, but rather services and digital content, including books, movies, games and music

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Apple is still the market leader, with 37.2% of the total market, but their shipments fell 24.8% last quarter. Samsung is second placed with 9 million models shipped in Q4 and they also registered a drop. Lenovo was pretty far behind Amazon in Q4, so the Jeff Bezos enterprise has nothing to worry about right now. However, the “Others” section reached 7.7 million units moved so a new big player can surface from there anytime.