Amazon is doing something unprecedented these days, by offering the Kindle Fire HDX tablets with a new payment option: an installment plan. This means that the price of the 7 incher and 8.9 incher will be split into four.


The 7 inch tablet will have an initial payment of $57.25, while the 8.9 incher will start at $94.75. The rest of the price will be split in 3 equal installments that will be paid in 90, 180 and 270 days. The 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX sells for $229 right now and the 8.9 inch one goes for $379. If you fail to pay the remaining sum, you’ll get your device deregistered from Amazon and your account shut down.

The idea is good here and basically you’re performing a down payment of the device and then a split payment of the rest of the price, that’s so affordable, you won’t even feel it during the many months left. One thing I’ve noticed about these two Amazon slates is that they have been getting much less press coverage than their predecessors this year…