The Amazon Kindle Fire is here, at Tablet News, ready for its review, but in the meantime we’ll show you the unboxing of he $200 Android tablet. We’re dealing with a very simplistic package here, one that’s basically a cardboard box, with the slate and its charger… What else would one need, considering everything’s in the cloud?

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a very talked about 7 inch tablet, that is estimated to sell about 6 million units over its first months of existence. This means that finally we have a player worthy of being considered an iPad rival. This device is based on Android Gingerbread, but one that has been tweaked to integrate Amazon services and offers.

You can get your movies, music, books, magazines and apps from Amazon and the reading experience is nothing short of amazing here. This dual core tablet doesn’t lag at all and it certainly feels like an innovative experience, after the avalanche of Honeycomb tablets. It may have no camera or 3G, but it makes for their lack with a bunch of very useful features, that you’ll learn about in the full review.