Amazon revamped its cheapest Kindle Fire model today, by giving it new color choices and more storage. The $50 slate has been refreshed and now it comes with 16 GB of storage instead of 8 GB.


Of course, the price also increases to $70. The new color choices are blue, magenta and tangerine, perfect for the young public. When it comes to the Kids Edition, Amazon added a lime green case in the mix, with soft corners and bumped the storage to 16 GB too. This unit’s price tag is $120 and it also comes in pink and blue.

The devices get to keep their 7 inch screens, quad core CPUs, dual cameras and microSD card slots. Amazon also has a special offer, with a six pack of Kindle Fire units being available at $250. “All day battery life” is promised, with up to 7 hours of mixed usage battery life. Fire OS 5 Bellini is the platform of choice here.