Amazon didn’t gather all the tech bigshots yesterday just to unveil the Kindle Fire tablet, but also a couple of new Kindle e-readers. The new generation Kindle boasts a new design and it’s very light at 5.98 ounces. Priced at $79, this model is 18% smaller than the previous Kindle and its page turns are 10% faster.

Kindle Touch is priced right now at $99 and it comes with an intuitive touchscreen, that also supports shopping, note taking and easy page turns. Extra long battery life and thousands of books on board are also listed as features.

And then there’s the Kindle Touch 3G model, with a $149 price tag, the same specs as the Kindle Touch, but also the free 3G connection, which is a very cool feat, since it doesn’t involve a monthly fee. All of these devices include immediate access to the Kindle Store, meaning that millions of books are available to read on Amazon’s devices.

What’s cool is that Amazon has a “buy once, read everywhere” policy, so once you buy a book on a device, it’s forever considered bought.