It’s waterproof device day it seems, since Amazon also debuted a water resilient e-reader, fresh after Huawei unveiled its own waterproof slate. The newcomer from Amazon is the Kindle Oasis, which is (beautifully) pictured above.

People have been asking for a waterproof e-reader from Amazon for a long while and their wishes have just become true. There are several interesting aspects about this product, like its Bluetooth support, longer battery life and aluminum design. The fresh Kindle Oasis has a 7 inch screen and it offers both e-book and audiobooks support. This is supposed to be a higher end device, one that offers a larger and brighter screen.

The higher res takes the pixel density to 300 ppi, fitting 30% more words on the display per page. There’s an increased number of LEDs and they’re more evenly spread. Oasis is water resistant within IP8X standards, meaning it can be dunked in up to 2 meters of water for up to 60 minutes. It comes with Bluetooth so it can hook up to headphones or speakers.

Priced at $290, this is certainly a more premium offering, that’s very slim at 3.4 mm, at least on one end. At the other end there’s a bit of a hump, but it’s supposed to be held better that way. Weighing at 195 grams, this is quite hefty from the predecessor’s 131 grams. It also offers 6 weeks of battery life and comes with a new range of covers. There will be two versions of the product, one with 8 GB of storage and one with 32 GB.

The second also has a 3G version. Specs include a dual core 1 GHz NXP i.MX7D processor and fast charging support.