Amazon is getting involved in the education of future generations, launching the Kindle for Kids program, involving a $99 bundle. This offer combines the latest Amazon e-reader with a cover and a “2 year worry free guarantee”.


The purpose is to make kids read more and play less Angry Birds and do less Facebooking. There are tools included here for tracking reading goals, building vocabulary and also access to 250,000 kids titles. The program is actually familiar, being launched originally as a discount package in May 2015, but now it’s been refreshed.


The latest gen Kindle is in the package with a 11% slimmer design and 16% lighter than the previous gen unit. The screen is a glare-resistant e-ink unit and we’ve got 4 GB of storage and 512 MB of memory. A function that’s interesting to mention here is called Zero Distractions and it locks away all games and videos, to make sure the little ones keep reading.

Kids can see their progress with books and earn badges for reaching milestones. Purchases and inappropriate content are blocked. The FreeTime feature disables purchases in the Kindle store, Internet access and access to Wikipedia. The bundle started shipping on Wednesday.