The idea of a tablet funded by ads and selling for a crazy price has appeared before and now here it is again, related to Amazon. Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon may once again launch a revolutionary product, with a revolutionary price, with an advertising-supported slate and a lower price.

This week Amazon is supposed to unveil at least one or two new tablets, models that will compete with the likes of Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface and maybe the iPad Mini. The need to differentiate your product is great and there’s a flood of new tablets out there. Computex and IFA 2012 gave us an insight into future models, involving convertible devices with Windows RT and higher prices. Recently there were also rumors about a dual screen tablet from Amazon, with an E Ink screen and a LCD, but I doubt that could happen this year.

I wonder if Amazon is willing to go under the $199 price mark of the Kindle Fire from last year, that already undercut the iPad with more than $200. Now there’s the Nexus 7 out there, with a quad core CPU and according to rumors Amazon will increase the stakes against it with a main camera, maybe 3G and maybe even a microSD card slot. According to Amazon, the Kindle Fire has 22% of the US tablet market, so it’s important product, that needs a fitting successor.