Fresh after the news detailing the potential 10 inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2 comes info about another Amazon product. This time it’s a 6 inch e-reader that got out attention, a color e-reader for that matter. The info comes from China, courtesy of local paper Economic Daily News,  saying that the E Ink Corporation from Massachusetts received a hefty order from Amazon.

An estimated 3 million color e-reader modules per month were ordered and shipments should begin in March, according to the same source. In late 2010 E Ink announced the first color display it had created, the E Ink Triton, that’s already being used on some commercial devices. Amazon and Barnes & Noble opted for LCD displays for their color devices, such as the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, but in the meantime color e-paper has also started to be adopted.

Mirasol released the Kyobo e-reader in South Korea and Ectaco also unveiled the Jetbook Color educational device in the USA this year. Aside from the 6 inch color e-reader, Amazon is speculated to prepare an 8.9 inch version of the Kindle Fire and even a 10 inch model.

  • Slatta John

    Its 2012 and they have to try a little harder to remove the flashing and refresh rate to make it limitless.

    Gel is the way to the future.
    when are they going to make a real A4/Letter-oriented Gel Display screen of at least 11.5 inch diagonal. 

    All I know is I AM GETTING ONE. Color – eink – 1600×1200 resolution. YES finally can read magazines improves its resolution considerably and reading will not be a problem and the experience will be much richer.100 million colors of Trasparent layers of diffrent shapes of pixel overlaping each other for great quality and rich contrast of graphical real nature images.

    We can put this technology e skin on e ink gel display screen for more performance and improvement. we can overlay e skin on e ink and have organic real paper back display.