Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet was a bigger success than anyone estimated so it would be a pity not to have a follow-up. That model is in the works, it’s packing an 8.9 inch display and will supposedly come ahead of the holiday season. There’s also a new Kindle e-reader ready for a July debut.

The Kindle Fire was a hit thanks to the $200 price tag and I guess that its follow-up will have a similar price. Since last year had a ton of speculation about the first two Amazon tablets being a quad core and dual core model and we already got a dual core one, I guess that the quad core is incoming. A cheap choice, one that would make the product viable price-wise would be Tegra 3. Once again I expect strong customization applied on top of Android 4.0 maybe, or who knows, perhaps even Android 5.0 Jellybean.

The speculations say that the new Kindle e-reader will come with a front light so you can read even in low light conditions without putting strain on your eyes. The new e-reader will be available in WiFi and 3G versions and it will most likely be priced higher.