In case you didn’t know, now e-tailers have started making tablets and it’s not only Amazon but also Alibaba, an Asian online retailer. They even have their own OS, Aliyun, that was demoed back in July and even appeared on a handset, the W700. Now we have two new additions to Alibaba’s portofolio: the W800 phone and a cloud tablet.

The W800 is a 1GHz Tegra 2 smartphone , that keeps the looks of the W700 phone, while the tablet is a mystery. This unnamed slate comes with Nvidia branding, it’s based on cloud computing and don’t fear too much innovation here, since it’s not a Tegra 3 unit. Launch date for the 4.3 inch W800 phone is somewhere in November, while the tablet should drop before the year end.

Which company will get its tablet next? eBay, maybe some eBook store? Of course, it’s safe to say that the Alibaba tablet will stay in Asia, but you can always ship one Stateside, right?